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J C Amos

Julia C. AmosJ C Amos
Fairmont, West Virginia

 Most people see lawyers as people who solve problems.  The better lawyers are the ones who keep problems from happening in the first place.  That’s exactly what JC has always done, both as a lawyer and long before she became a lawyer.

JC comes with a rich heritage.  Her father, George M. Amos Jr., was a prominent Fairmont attorney for many years, as was his uncle Clay D. Amos.  JC’s broad education began in the public schools of Marion County, as she graduated from Fairmont Senior High School in 1971.  Her undergraduate education took place at Fairmont State College.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and during college was extremely active in the Fairmont State Masquers Theater in the Fairmont State Debate Team/Society.  She became licensed as a teacher in West Virginia, and taught in high school in Tucker County, West Virginia.

A prominent non-profit agency in Marion County encountered severe business problems and its volunteer board turned to JC to re-organize the business.  She took over the business functions, worked with that board, obtained significant funding and cooperation from State Government, and that agency remains a thriving part of Marion County.  This established her early reputation as a problem-solver, and her every experience since has reinforced that reputation.  From that non-profit agency, she moved to the role of Business Manager of the Marion County Rescue Squad.  When she took over that business office, that corporation was foundering from financial problems because it’s manual accounting system simply was insufficient to handle the volume of billing.  Even though small business computers were in their infancy, JC saw the need to computerize the business functions.  She was dissatisfied with the commercial products that were available and so worked with established computer programmers to create a highly efficient computer system which more than doubled collections and permitted the Rescue Squad to go for many years without raising it’s rates.  Along the way, JC learned the ins-and-outs of computer programming and designed a system which was used in EMS agencies across West Virginia.  As the accounting functions became more complicated and as she interacted with CPA’s, she again returned to school (in addition to working full-time), earned another Bachelors Degree in Accounting and passed the West Virginia CPA Examination.

By then, JC was an acknowledged “turn around specialist”.  She moved to the Baltimore area and worked taking on the  upper management of  failing businesses and putting them on a firm business fitting.  In the interim she returned to West Virginia for one year to attempt to save a small community hospital from financial ruin. As she reorganized that hospital’s financial affairs, she found a fundamental problem in that the Chief Executive Office was stealing funds.  Even at the cost of her job (he fired her!) she protected the hospital and the CEO was soon fired himself and prosecuted criminally.  This was a turn-around point for JC in that she again saw that she could do more to help people with a new bag of tools So, while she continued to work full-time in Baltimore again as a business turn-around specialist she began attending University of Baltimore School of Law.  She graduated with the Degree of Doctor Jurisprudence in 2001, and passed the Maryland and West Virginia Bar Examinations.  She began practice with the Baltimore law firm of Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman where she quickly formed and headed up the Business Department.  As a business lawyer with a CPA Certification, JC began to work extensively on cases before the Internal Revenue Service and, again she saw the need for further professional development.  She returned to the University of Baltimore Law School of Law for additional work and in2006 she received the Degree of Master of Laws in Taxation.  The Master of Laws Degree is an advanced legal degree that very few lawyers receive.  To the best of anyone’s recollection, the last Fairmont lawyer with such a degree practiced in the 1960's.

In 2008, JC returned to her hometown of Fairmont to open a practice with her lifetime friend Roger Curry.  There, she concentrates in business, tax and estate planning matters, and also conducts the general practice of law including a courtroom practice.

JC also continues to work in the field of software development.  Working on various software applications for business in general and lawyers specifically.  She teaches as an Adjunct Professor at Fairmont State University.

JC’s public service has long focused on animal rescue. Working for several years with National Chairman for Dalmatian Rescue and local rescue organizations in Baltimore.

JC is a skilled bridge player and an increasingly active classic car enthusiast.  Her current project is a 1990 Oldsmobile Tornado Trofeo which, for the present, has not yet been totally retired from street use.

JC is a member of the Maryland State Bar, the West Virginia State Bar, the Marion County Bar Association. 

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