About CAA

We possess an insightful industry experience of over 10 years in the realm of pre/post-employment background screening, having served several national and multi-national organizations. Our commitment to provide quality and reliable service, and our persistent attempts to ensure customer centric services has enabled CAA to carve a niche for itself in this industry. Combining experience and innovative technology we provide end to end solutions aimed at improving your internal security, mitigating threats of corporate espionage and reducing vulnerability.

CAA’s reputation stems from our commitment to understanding and addressing your organizational requirements with a professional investigative approach, to help you make the right choices in terms of employee selection and recruitment. Our service experience is varied and diverse ranging from corporate firms, government undertakings, banks & financial institutions, BPO and Software industries.

Quality Check Process:

  • 100% reports go through quality check before being dispatched
  •  Team leaders / Managers conduct random audit to confirm the end to end cycle of the verification
  •  Based on the audits process gaps are identified and analyzed
  •  Based on the analysis the process is updated to enhance the work flow
  •  Regular trainings are conducted in-order to ensure the team is updated on the process front
  •  QC team ensures that the severity grid for discrepancy is adhered to

Why CAA?

CAA is promoted and headed by a team of professional veterans experienced in the field of Criminal & Civil Investigations, Law enforcement, Information Security and Legal compliance, having worked for big companies across the globe.

Highlights Of CAA:

  • NASSCOM affiliate member
  • ISO Certified Company
  • Investigative experience
  • Professional competence
  • Systemic status updation
  • Online reports 24/7
  • Commitment to quality, security and confidentiality
  • More than 1Lakh verification done
  • Verification done in PAN India
  • Having more than 10 years of experience